Mineral Products

Rajasthan, India is known for its rich mineral resources and is a major producer of various minerals. Some of the most popular minerals from Rajasthan include:

  1. Marble: Rajasthan is famous for its high-quality marble, with varieties like Makrana marble, Ambaji marble, and Rajnagar marble being widely sought after for their use in sculptures, architecture, and interior decoration.

  2. Sandstone: The state is a significant producer of sandstone, with varieties like Dholpur sandstone and Jodhpur sandstone being widely used in construction and architectural applications.

  3. Limestone: Rajasthan has abundant limestone deposits used in cement manufacturing, as well as for building and construction purposes.

  4. Granite: While not as prominent as marble, granite is also quarried in Rajasthan and used for various construction and decorative applications.

  5. Feldspar: Rajasthan is a major producer of feldspar, which is used in the ceramics and glass industries.

  6. Wollastonite: This mineral is used in the ceramics, plastics, and paint industries and Rajasthan is one of the leading producers of wollastonite in India.

  7. Bentonite: Bentonite clay is found in parts of Rajasthan and is used in various industrial applications, such as drilling mud, foundry casting, and cat litter.

  8. Gypsum: Rajasthan produces significant amounts of gypsum, which is used in the construction and fertilizer industries.

  9. Fluorite: Fluorite is a colorful mineral used in the manufacture of optical lenses and in the production of hydrofluoric acid. Rajasthan has notable deposits of fluorite.

  10. Quartz: Rajasthan has deposits of quartz, which is used in the production of glass, electronics, and various industrial applications.

  11. Copper and Zinc: Rajasthan is home to some important copper and zinc deposits, with the Khetri Copper Complex and Rampura Agucha Mine being significant sources of these metals.

  12. Lead: Rajasthan also has lead deposits, and the Rampura Agucha Mine is one of the largest lead-zinc mines in the world.

These are just a few examples of the diverse range of minerals found in Rajasthan, making it a crucial hub for mineral production in India.

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