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Fox Nuts (Makhana)

Makhana or Fox Nut is a kind of hydrophyte used both as drug and food which exhibits much application and development prospect in the fields of medicine, food and economy. Makhana is the seed of a cash aquatic crop, which was popularly used as herb and food in China.
possessed high nutritional value and many medical and health protection effects.
Popped Makhana is one of the most common dry fruits utilized by the people due to low fat content, high contents of carbohydrates, protein and minerals. It is considered to be nutritious and healthy food with a protein content of 10 -12%. Makhana is found superior to dry fruits such as almond, walnut, cashew nut and coconut in contents of sugar, proteins, ascorbic acid and phenol. Sixteen types of amino acid are present in the kernel. Both raw and fried Makhana are fairly rich in essential amino acids.


Carbohydrate (% by weight)57.079.8
Protein (% by weight)7.28.7
Fat (% by weight)0.30.5
Moisture (% by weight)34.710.4
Total Ash (% by weight)0.30.4
Crude Fiber (% by weight)0.50.2
Amylose (%)19.018.2
Calorific Value (% by weight)259358
Phosphorous (mg/100g)66.153.2
Potassium (mg/100g)35.642.0
Iron (mg/100g)0.81.4
Calcium (mg/100g)9.518.5
Magnesium (mg/100g)11.313.9
Sodium (mg/100g)48.271.0
Copper (mg/100g)0.30.5
Manganese (mg/100g)0.91.3
Zinc (mg/100g)0.91.1


NOTE: Following are the tentative Prices. Please send us your Letter of Intent (LOI) to quote you Current Price of the Product.
Minimum Order Quantity is 2.00MT.

Size of MakhanaDiameter >= 15mm (Fully Expanded)Diameter <=14mm (Fully Expanded)Flattened and irregular of any Diameter
Colour of the MakhanaCreamy WhiteCreamy White with less light reddish spotsMore light Reddish spots
Expanded or IrregularFully ExpandedFully ExpandedFlattened and Irregular
Price in US$/Metric Tonne15,000 FOB Indian Port12,500 FOB Indian Port10,000 FOB Indian Port


Minimum Order Quantity2 Metric Tonne
Country of OriginIndia
PackingCarton Boxes or as per Buyer’s specification
Insurance110% by Seller
Delivery Within 2-4 weeks, from the date of approval of Documents, depending upon availability of Vessel.
InspectionAll products are Quality & Quantity wise certified by SGS.
Payment Terms:100% DLC (MT700), Irrevocable, Transferable, Letter of Credit (MT103) Bank Transfer payable against Document at the Port of Loading.
Validity of Offer 31st July 2023
Commission:Brokers may please contact us for payable commission

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